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Growing up, a lot of us have been to watch circus shows – Joker Aesthetic. These thrilling yet highly entertaining shows are performed by a group of highly trained individuals who practice their moves throughout the day to entertain an entire hall of guests for weeks on end. Some of these circuses have become so popular that they even travel abroad because of how much they have become loved by people of other countries. When you go to a circus, you will also be seeing a bunch being made to do funny, entertaining things. In the past, wild animals were used as props for tricks during circuses and though it looked quite hilarious, in reality, it was a cruel practice as these animals were stolen out of their natural habitat and trained under extremely cruel conditions. Thankfully, in many places, use of wild animals is banned but it is still not a worldwide process. Hopefully, with rising awareness in people, we will soon be able to see these animals thrive in their natural habitat, away from human intervention.

Clown Aesthetic:

The clown is the most popular personality of a circus. They are the ones who wear a red nose, funny clothes and makeup, and perform in silly ways to make people laugh. Also, the one trick that they are quite famous for is juggling. People who work as clowns are quite experts in juggling. Also know about aesthetic pictures.

Here is a list of some clown aesthetics:

  • Although Halloween is not bound to happen anytime soon, it is never too late to think about what costume to wear on that day. A clown costume is something that a ton of people are giving their own twist to. Obviously, going for the basic clown costume is perfect if you don’t want anything scary and would rather want to amuse yourself, but if you want an added effect, be sure to expand your creativity and think outside of the box.
  • Considering how we are talking about clowns here, it will be completely unfair if we don’t talk about two of the most iconic clowns in Hollywood, who were both originally products of two different series. The first one is obviously none of that Joker, the iconic villain of the Batman series. Be it in comic books or movies, the influence of Joker has made itself profound. There has been an increase in it as well, ever since the movie Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, was released and quite recently, a sequel has also been announced which will also be having Lady Gaga. The next clown, especially mentioning for all horror lovers out there, is Pennywise.
  • It will be of utter disappointment if we don’t talk about our very own Joker, Raj Kapoor in the Bollywood classic, Mera Naam Joker. One of the finest actors of Bollywood, the maestro from the Kapoor family gave us evergreen and unforgettable performances that have and will immortalise him forever. The movie also featured some other popular actors and actresses from Bollywood, like Dharmendra, Simi Garewal, Manoj Kumar, Padmini and more. In this movie, Raj Kapoor’s son, the late Rishi Kapoor, made his debut in the film industry, by playing the role of kid Raju Ranbir.

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