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Holi Aesthetic: India is a country with a wide range of everything – people, festivals, cultures, religions and even fashion. In India, there is a very high percentage of the Hindu population; many people across the several different states of India mainly practice Hinduism. That being said, each community follows their own specific kinds of festivals. While people in West Bengal celebrate religious festivals like Durga Puja and Kali Puja among many other festivals, people from the eastern side of India, like those coming from the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh celebrate festivals like Chhath Puja. Similarly, people from other states follow their own respective communal festivals, even though they are all part of the same religion of Hinduism.

Although we did talk about different other Hindu festivals, there are some festivals that are pretty common amongst the majority of the population of India, irrespective of community or religion.

Holi Aesthetics:

Holi is one of the most celebrated and popular festivals in the country, and across the world too. It is believed that Holi was originated by Lord Krishna, specially when he was doing Raasleela with the Gopis in Vrindavan. It is the festival where people smear colours on other people and Puja also happens at people’s homes.

If Holi is a festival you love, here are some super cute Holi Aesthetics:

  • In any festival, the bond we have with our friends and family gets enhanced by ten times. So, when it comes to festivals of Holi and everything, spending time with your close relatives, friends and family becomes the ultimate goal. This is the time of the year when we can unwind and enjoy among people who are close to us. The joy, the puritiy and the laughter we all experience during this time makes all our worries and bad experiences fade away. Considering how it is the festive season, itbus also important to know that we must also try to give back to society.
  • In any festival, the food that gets cooked with respect to what the festival is, has a great amount of significance. How like how Khichdi is a stable good used in giving bhog during many religious festivals, similarly sweets shrikhand, namkeen and, if you want a more elevated experience of the festive season, bhaang is also there for people to enjoy. Food is essential for survival, and good food, paired with refreshing drinks, always creates a great mood.

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