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Aya Furukawa has gained notoriety after appearing as a character in the Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong-produced horror series The Midnight Club on Netflix. A group of teens who are terminally sick wind up at the same hospice where they first started exchanging terrifying tales at midnight are the subject of the television series. In this series, Aya Furukawa played the role of natsuki, a heroine who is gentle, sympathetic, and emotional. On Netflix, all 10 episodes are available at once.

Behind the lens, who is Midnight Club Natsuki? Discover Aya Furukawa

Aya Furukawa, who plays Natsuko in The Midnight Club, is a native of Vancouver, British Columbia. Her birthday is April 12, 1999. Aya grew up in a bilingual household. Her father, Jason Furukawa, a well-known Japanese director of Hollywood films, is also a British citizen. Aya began her acting career at a young age, first appearing in commercials before making her feature film debut in “The Cabin in the Woods” in 2011. However, due to a health issue, she had to put an end to her acting career and instead concentrated on her skills in drawing and illustration. Then Aya travelled to Japan and stayed in Tokyo for two months. While she was living in Tokyo, she was discovered by some casting directors who wanted to cast her but turned her down when they learned she wasn’t a local.

She was driven and interested in performing again as a result of that occurrence, though, and in 2018 she re-signed with her former agency to pursue her her career. Earlier in 2018, The Terror cast Aya Furukawa in her first recurring role as Sachiko. In the years between 2020 and 2021, Aya appeared in a number of TV shows and motion pictures, including “The Cabin In The Woods,The Terror,Yokomeshi,Happy Ever After,Brand New Cherry Flavor, and “The Baby-Sitters Club.”The 23-year-old Canadian actor then agreed to play Natsuki in the 2022 season of The Midnight Club. In addition, she has been cast in the Mike Flanagan-directed miniseries The Fall of the House of Usher, which is anticipated to be released in 2023. A project of hers, the short film Cafe Racer, has recently been finished.

Does Aya Furukawa Have a Boyfriend for 2022?

The 23-year-old Canadian actor likes to keep her personal life private, so it’s unclear whether she’s single or involved romantically. She might not have a boyfriend and instead be concentrating on her acting profession, but who knows! We can only hope that she will reveal her love life in the near future!

Instagram account of Aya Furukawa

Aya Furukawa has a dedicated Instagram account @aya,eyes where you can follow her. Selfies, photos with friends, and family are frequently included in her Instagram posts. Some of the images also show her visiting various locations. She is talented in both illusion and painting, as we have already indicated. Aya also has a second Instagram account, @timetwosleep, where she posts her artwork; you don’t want to miss it, do you?

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